Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whats wrong with these men !?

I don't know about you ladies, but I personally have read a lot of magazines on the differences between males and females and still remain mystified.. Call it curiosity but it strikes me , why the two genders, who were created to compliment and relate to each other naturally, spend more time and reasons not doing so!

But one issue that really gets to me is why men find it so hard to do simple tasks around the house. C'mon ladies, i know I'm not the only one in this. I mean, it baffles me how men can remember the result of a football game played in 1990 but will not remember what you asked him to do yesterday? I know, being African as i am , i will be pushing my luck if i ask my man to cook dinner or clean the house, but it takes a lot to get a guy to clean after themselves after a bath or to even put his own shoes in the closet , whilst on the other hand, a woman can cook, talk on the cell phone, put on makeup and watch the kids, all at the same time. And when it comes to taking care of their babies, women's multitasking abilities are phenomenal.

If this issue hits home , you are not alone.Believe it or not, this is in fact, a scientific issue.! Apparently, according to Dr. 
Melillo from the Brain Balance Achievement Center in USA, on average, the male brain is 10 percent bigger than females, but a woman’s brain receives 15 percent more blood and contains more nerve cells and cellular connections. The compact structure of the nerve cells may cause them to function more efficiently and effectively. Both male and female brains are divided into two hemispheres that play different roles in perception and behavior. Dr. Melillo explains that when undertaking a task, the male brain utilizes either one hemisphere or the other and relies on specialized brain regions. Women utilize both hemispheres more fluidly regardless of the task, which can explain why women tend to be better at multitasking than men.The brain balance results indicate that women tend to excel in dividing attention and performing fine motor skills, whereas men tend to excel in focusing attention on one subject or task and performing gross motor skills, such as wrestling, playing football, etc.

A motor skill is a learned sequence of movements that combine to produce a smooth, efficient action in order to master a particular task
Gross motor skills include lifting one's head, rolling over, sitting up, balancing, crawling, and walking. Gross motor development usually follows a pattern
Fine motor skills include the ability to manipulate small objects, transfer objects from hand to hand, and various eye–hand coordination task.Some examples of fine motor skills are using the pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) to pick up small objects, cutting, colouring, writing, or threading beads.

I hope this makes sense , but if it doesn't,just know that truly the relationship between a male and female is all about acceptance, understanding and allowance of natural growth. Accepting each gender for who they are and how they think instead of trying to stifle or change who they are or how they think is how nature meant it to be.Using acceptance, trust and love when we decide to commit to a relationship will guide you in the direction of nature's course.

So lets keep the faith ladies, and please, feel free to comment. I want to hear your thoughts on this issue. 


Ms B.


  1. Anonymous9.11.10

    You are right Ms. B. Males and Females are two individuals who are like two universe apart. But differences does not matter as long as we accept and love the person. We always have to think that one person is a unique individual. No matter how tried to understand the complexity of our behavior, it is one aspect that we could not fathom. But then if you love someone, you will always find a way to understand and accept its special traits and character.

  2. Anonymous9.11.10

    Do you noticed that lately couples getting easier to gave up on their marriage, compared to olden days? Do you think this is because lacked of acceptance?

  3. Anonymous9.11.10

    Ok I can multitask and I'm a guy. And I'm sick of girls complaining. You ask the guy to go to the store to get milk... He gets milk! How can he not multi task?

  4. In my opinion, being able to multitask is not better than focusing on one thing and vice versa....but, when you have one person that multitasks and one that is focused on one thing and getting that done, it is rather complimentary to each other. It doesnt mean one is more superior than the other.

    Though, to be are bigger whiners and titty babies than women.

  5. Mars and Venus! What's wrong with that? I multi-task, my husband doesn't. That doesn't mean ALL men can't. I think differences are great. That way we both get to compliment each other. There things he does that I have zero interest in and vice versa so it works.

  6. Anonymous10.11.10

    I you find a men who will help in the kitchen, you are very lucky or he is your boyfriend. paanongoroora, zvapera

  7. Anonymous14.11.10

    I generally agree though I feel we are not as bad as we are potrayed heere. Good article though!