Sunday, September 5, 2010

We are live at last!

Welcome real ladies of this world. This has taken a lot but I am glad it has taken off. For some time I have been thinking of a way in which I could create a platform where I could share my thoughts and discuss with all the ladies out there on topical issues which affect our lives in one way or another, hence the establishment of this blog. I am a woman who believes in the balance of a modern professional woman who however is grounded in the principles of family hood and christianity. This blog will appeal to women across the board as it will cover a wide spectrum of topics affecting women. This platform will discuss a wide array of subjects which however have a bearing on the modern women of the 20th century, who on one hand has to work and provide for the family but also has to be there or her spouse, raise a family and still be available for other social roles expected of her in this modern world. The blog equally appeals to the young woman about to start a career or establish her feet in business, probably still looking forward to start a family. The blog will identify and discuss the role the modern woman should play in making this earth a better place. Topics to look forward to include Women wellness, raising a family, being a mother and wife,fashion trends, Women and Christian, balancing families and careers to name but a few. I intend to set the stage for discussion in these and other topics which shall be covered in future and from that, we will share and interact on our experiences through comments posted on the blog. That way, we will become enriched through the knowledge gained sharing our experiences. As often said, knowledge is power. Once again, thanks for visiting this blog and I hope youwill help it grow into a ‘virtual wellspring’ of the modern woman. It feels good to find a place where we can say what is on our minds without anyone judging us. Your input means a lot to me.
Spread the love and kindness!
Ms B

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